ITG Diet Party Mix

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ITG Diet Party Mix


For 7 Servings(s) ()


  • 1 White Cheddar or BBQ Crisps
  • 1 Pretzel Twists
  • 1 Chocolate Soy Snacks or Caramel Peanut Snacks
  • 1 Sour Cream & Fine Herb Zippers
  • 1 Spicy Nacho or Salt N Vinegar Chips
  • 1 Sour Cream or Cheesy Curls
  • 1 O's Cereal of choice

ITG Diet Party Mix Directions

  1. In large bowl, combine a packet of each product. Use any of your favorite crunchy or sweet ITG Foods to make your very own ITG Party Mix!
  2. Mix well, serve and enjoy!
  3. May also be divided into 7 individual containers or baggies to enjoy as a Limited Snack once per day.
  4. Optional: Chop a bar into small bite size squares and add to the mix or use any combination of your favorite snacks for your own Party Mix!


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