Our First Week's Winner! *CONTEST HAS ENDED*

Posted by Brittney Casalina on

Thank you to all participants of the ITG Challenges! The contest has ended but make sure to take a look at a few of the winners! 


Our first week's winner is TERRY! Congratulations Terry! Terry submitted a wonderful recipe for her very own Crunchy Salad! Take a look below for the picture and recipe!! Great work! 

Thank for participating Terry and congrats on winning your prizes!

"This is my version of a taco salad - it has a “good crunch” that we miss.
My ingredients are:
  • *ITG light entree - vegetarian chili
  • *ITG SPICY Nacho Chips
  • *5-8 oz ground beef, seasoned with sea salt, pepper, chili powder (optional - add a bit of crushed red pepper or cayenne pepper for a bit of heat).
  • *2 cups (raw) julienne sliced onion, red, green or yellow pepper (I prefer a combination cause I like colorful dishes)
  • *Brown meat and add warm to a plate/bowl on top of lettuce of your choice.
  • *Add chopped tomato on top
  • *Optional - add some chopped jalapeños as well if you like them
  • *Surround dish with Spicy Chips and dig in.
            "It’s relatively fast to prepare & very satisfying." - Terry

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