2020 Resolutions & Motivations

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Happy, healthy hello to everyone and Happy New Year! I am so very excited to get this year started on the right foot and I wanted to reach out to everyone to help get focused and motivated for the new year!

I know the past few weeks have been very tricky and difficult to get through while staying compliant on the diet but, I am happy to say that this is COMPLETELY normal and we do not have to worry about this for another year! One of my favorite things to say is "don't dwell, just get back on track"! It is very easy to fall off the wagon so let's look at this as an opportunity to get back on track with a bang! 

If you have been off the program for the past few weeks you might need to detox again. Your body could be retaining water, sodium and carbohydrates which can make you feel very run down, moody and HUNGRY! The best way to alleviate these issues is too get right back to square one with your diet. Clean out the unwanted and tempting holiday foods and snacks, stock up on your vegetables, make sure to go back to your 64oz or more of water per day and to back to your basics with Step One of our program. Once you detox and get back to your healthy schedule, the fatigue and crankiness will start to dwindle and your energy levels and mood will start to pick up again!


The best resource you have at home is your journal! This tool is a great way to ensure you are getting everything done for the day such as your water intake, taking your supplements twice a day, making sure to eat every 3-4 hours and getting your 3 ITG foods in each day. 


Remember: Your cravings and hungry will get worse before they get better so make sure to push through! Drink plenty of water and eat the vegetables higher in fiber to help will you up more. You can also take a fiber supplement such as Acacia, Inulin or Benefiber to balance your blood sugar levels better and to help with they pesky hunger. 



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