Article -Our Food Pyramid Is A Corrupt Foundation: It’s All A BIG FAT Lie

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Our Food Pyramid Is A Corrupt Foundation: It’s All A BIG FAT Lie

By: thehypothyroidismchick

More than 29 million adults in the U.S. — about 9 percent of the population — currently have diabetes, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The obesity rate has more than doubled since 1980 and now hovers between 31 percent and 35 percent. About a half-million Americans die of heart disease every year, accounting for one in every four deaths.

Congress and the USDA has a HUGE  interest in intentionally deceiving Americans into us believing that if we eat by their standards of the  food pyramid that they created we will be healthy. In-fact this is far from the truth. The food pyramid was created by the USDA- ( United States Department of Agriculture) to support  modern industrial agriculture.  Follow the money. Congress has legislated nutrition labels to to benefit large corporate donors.  In 2011, congress blocked an attempt by the USDA to revise the school lunch program. Thanks to multi-million dollar lobbing efforts by large food companies like Schwan’s and Con-Agra foods, congress was able to protect the status quo for those companies. The status quo being that pizza sauce counts as a vegetable. No joke. Pizza sauce is considered  a vegetable according to the US Congress. And here’s the link to back it up.  NYTIMES – Congress Blocks New Rules on School Lunches

You see Minnesota’s Schwan Food Co.,  is the country’s largest supplier of school lunch pizzas.

To be fair the company responded to this by saying:,  “Schwan’s has not, and does not, advocate that pizza replace the vegetable component of a balanced school meal,” the company said in statement. “We are advocating that tomato paste — one tablespoon of which provides the equivalent nutrients of approximately three tomatoes — continue to be credited for the nutrients it contains.”

I am not debating the claim that tomato sauce  will provide nutrients of approximately three tomatoes. What I have an issue with is the “extra” ingredients that are added.

This is an economic pushing for an industry that was designed by our government as a weapon and as a way to make profits and to do that they need customers. We are the customers and they also have taken over the FDA (The U.S. Food and Drug Administration).

Our taste buds have been hijacked by fake foods.

Part of the answer lies in the economics of the food industry: the profit margins and scale of money from processed food companies offer where the growers of healthy foods can’t match.

In 2015, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, processed food manufacturers spent $32 million on lobbying while the fruit and vegetable industry spent a mere $3.7 million.

Follow the money.  Kellogg’s has a $26 billion market capitalization because it does not just make cereal. It also owns Pringles and manufactures a variety of processed foods from Eggo Waffles to Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies. 

The entire processed foods industry is similarly consolidated. If you follow your favorite snack up the food chain, you’ll usually find that it is owned by a multinational company. PepsiCo owns Funyuns, Rold Gold pretzels, and Sun Chips. Ritz crackers, Oreos, and Wheat Thins sell under the Nabisco label, which is owned by Mondelēz International. So whenever a federal agency supports healthy foods, it picks a fight with a collection of the world’s largest companies.

It’s a very simple logic: Supply and demand. If you have a demand for something, someone is going to supply you with it.  

Everything we’ve been told about food and healthy eating by our governments and many paid off “scientists” has been wrong.

The USDA released their first set of nutrition guidelines in 1894.

A 2nd revision came out in 1943 which the USDA gave us the BASIC 7.

In 1956, the USDA decided that there was actually only 4 food groups, and revised their nutrition yet again and those 4 food groups looked like this:

1. Vegetables and Fruits – This makes no sense. Fruits and vegetables do not fit the same dietary role.
2. Milk and Dairy.
3. Meat and proteins –
4. Cereals and Breads –

No  mention of fats and we know that they are critical to body growth and function then there is #4 which is pretty much anything made from grains.


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