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Happy hello everyone! I am very excited to say that I am also restarting the ITG Diet! I will be completing Step 1 for the month of May then Transition in the month of June! I am doing this to help support all dieters by sharing my very own tips and trick that I use on myself when dieting! Remember, dieting is never easy, even for a health coach :)

I hope you all enjoy my commentary, tips and journal entries. I have taken before and after photos and measurements to share with you all as well at the end of my journey!

I have added a section the ITG Blogs called "Brittney's Journal" and this is where I will be posting my progress and tips! I hope you all enjoy!



My Afterthoughts

July 2, 2020 - Before I started the program in May, I had continuous stomach aches, constipation issues, IBS flare ups, adult acne, and almost chronic fatigue. My body is very sensitive and it is extremely easy to make my IBS angry. Within a week weeks on the program with, little to no sugar, less than 40 carbohydrates a day, vitamins and supplementation and continuous water, I can proudly say that my stomach is more under control now! I have little to NO flare ups, no bloating (unless it is my time of the month of course ), my acne is almost completely gone (I have a few stubborn ones that will not go away since we are wearing our masks so frequently!) AND I do not need 2-3 energy drinks a day anymore ( you all know how much I love my Bang Energy drinks!). I now only have an energy drink every other day and I have successfully been able to detox from caffeine. I know use AHA! sparkling water, Zevia sodas, water and occasionally green tea or coffee!

After losing over 16lbs, my energy seems endless ( and I don't need the caffeine anymore!), it is easier each time I go running, my knee doesn't feel inflamed or irritated a few times a week anymore, I lowered my medication for my IBS & I have a great sleeping pattern now! I feel so great waking up in the mornings. I know dieting is difficult ( so do you all) but the best part of dieting is how you just feel all around HEALTHY. This is motivation enough for me to continue with how I am eating. Of course, I miss the fun stuff like pasta, crackers and cheese and my delicious mini M&M's but, I know that these items will flare my stomach up, slow my progress, pollute my mind to crave MORE sugars and carbohydrates and it can be a slippery slope when you start to deviate a lot. The best trick for me has been trying new vegetables and recipes! The more creative and outside of the box you think with your meals, the more it interest's you and keep you excited!!! You can check out some great recipes at!

I am very happy with my results and I am so thankful for everyone's support during these past few months! I hope my entries can encourage you all to not be so hard on yourselves and to always remember that food is NOT the boss of you, YOU are the boss of it. 

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