Eating Healthy While Traveling

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Eating Healthy While Traveling

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So you’re making the trek to visit family and friends soon? Going on a business trip? Starting to have hunger pangs? It’s a familiar scene in any travel situation: you’re waiting for your connecting flight in an airport near the snack stand, or sitting in a car for hours looking for the next rest stop to grab something, anything, to eat. You’ve been doing very well on your diet over the past couple months, up until now. Traveling makes many of us crave snack foods; it takes us back to driving cross-country for vacation with the parents and siblings, eating an assortment of chips, cookies, candy and soda. The snacks help to pass the time and give us something to do with our hands during a long trip. Whether you’ll be taking a car, plane, bus or a train, there are many temptations to be avoided in order to stay on track with your diet. Keep yourself happy and healthy by following some of these travel tips.

  • Eat a big, healthy meal before departing. We plan every last detail of our trip and what we’re bringing with us, but many of us tend to forget to eat just before leaving. Some last minute packing usually leaves us with no time to enjoy a healthy dinner. When arriving at the airport or starting on our journey, we are already so hungry and will typically settle for an unhealthy option in a pinch.
  • Bring your own snacks. After that healthy meal, make sure to bring some sliced vegetables, fruit or nuts that will help you with any urges you may have to grab those chips or sugary drinks. If your drive or flight is less than 5 or 6 hours, you will be totally fine to make it through the flight without having a junk food binge. You can also bring an ITG product. All of them are airport friendly and contain low carbs and high protein. Skip the airplane food and enjoy a healthy snack.
  • Drink water. Not so much that you’ll have to trek to a restroom every 20 minutes, but many times being in a vehicle or plane for extended periods of time can dehydrate you. Air in those tight spaces is typically very dry, so you will want to make sure to drink enough water before and during your trip to stay hydrated.
  • In airport, train and bus terminals, germs are everywhere. Make sure that you’ve been eating plenty of fruits and vegetables before your trip to stock your system up on vitamins and minerals that can help you avoid catching a bug. Don’t forget to pack your vitamins and supplements!
  • Avoid eating processed foods containing high amounts of carbohydrates. Look at menus or offerings of vegetables and protein. Go to a Mexican restaurant if you find one, as they typically have a great selection of vegetables that you can order any way you like. Salads are probably the next best thing. Look for ones that contain a protein that isn’t breaded and friend, and go easy on the dressing or bring your Walden Farms travel dressings!
  • Make a survival kit out of a small cooler. Freeze a few plastic bottles of water the night before traveling and you’ll be able to use them to keep your veggies, boiled eggs, and lean deli meats cold for your journey.
  • Preserve your meal times. Just because you might be making a long journey cross country doesn’t mean you should skip your regular dinner at 7pm. Take a break, enjoy a new view, and stretch your legs with a short walk. The exercise will get your metabolism moving and keep you feeling great throughout your travels.

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