Gain Weight from a Day of Cheating?

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Gain Weight from a Day of Cheating?

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Throughout the holidays, many of us tend to overindulge on so many different types of foods, especially ones high in calories and carbs. There are also occasions when some of us may stress-eat (sometimes because of those holidays!) When we overdo it and eat too much sugar, we tend to get tired, feel uncomfortably full and bloated, or even disappointed and angry with ourselves for letting those foods get the better of us. But can we gain weight by cheating on our diet in just a single day?

We can think of a pound of fat in terms of calories. A pound of fat is roughly equal to about 3500 of them. A 2000 calorie diet is basically enough to keep a normal adult’s metabolism and body up and running without losing any weight. So, theoretically, you would need to eat over 5500 calories worth of food in a day to gain a pound of fat. To eat that much in one day is possible, but a highly unlikely thing to do.

So no, you will probably not gain weight from a day of cheating. But on the ITG Diet, you will be set back about 3 days as far as getting all that excess glycogen out of your system. You will need to go through detox all over again to get back into ketosis, which we know aren’t the greatest few days. Weight gain is caused by eating those smaller amounts of carbs and empty calories in excess of your needs each day, which can add up to sometimes a pound a week in the long-term scheme of things.

Here are some tips to get you back on track:

1. Drink water during the holiday, and especially the days after to help flush excess water you may be retaining. With the sodium and carbs/sugars, you will retain extra water and the scale will show it. Your clothes may feel tight. Drinking more water gives your body a cue to release some of that stored body water, which can help flush out toxins, salts, and more.

2. Stick to ITG Foods, lean protein and your vegetables and salad the day after. You may even want to substitute a Non-Limited ITG Food rather than the higher carb Limited foods for a couple days to cut back on sugar consumption.

3. Take walks and do some light cardio to be active and burn off some extra calories that were eaten on the big day.

4. Remember that eating sugar and carbs makes your body want more sugar and carbs, so be careful of the dangerous cycle of falling back into old habits and get rid of those leftovers! Send all sugary dishes home with family and friends.

If you find yourself the day after a binge or a big holiday feast feeling upset with yourself, don’t get worried or beat yourself up. Just get back on the horse and back to your diet. This will keep you from stressing over the situation and eating even more and losing focus on your goal. Call and talk to one of the coaches here at ITG Diet, we are here for you and can give you some great pointers about how to stay on track. And remember to check out our great selection of recipes for all Stages of the ITG Diet Plan here on the website to enjoy some delicious dishes that will keep you happy, healthy, and losing weight!

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  • After 10 days back in Connecticut with family, cold weather, limited exercise, and food I usually don’t eat I need to start over! Just got back today and couldn’t wait to start eating healthy again.

    barbara b Mazzarella on

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