Great Ways to Stay Motivated and on Track During Summertime!

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Great Ways to Stay Motivated and on Track During Summertime!

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      When you’re packing your gear for the beach, starting up your grill or doing something else fun this summer, you might feel a lack of motivation in sticking to your diet/healthy lifestyle. The good news is summertime is the best season for fresh vegetables and opportunities to exercise outdoors.

These five ideas will help you stick to your healthy lifestyle change and goals:

Enjoy Fresh, Fun Outdoor Meals

Summer is a great time to have a picnic. You can put blankets in your backyard for an al fresco meal. For a picnic in the park, you can pack a wide variety of crunchy vegetables, chilled soups, a big salad, and a protein/cold cut lettuce wrap. 

And while you're at it, why not prepare a refreshing ITG beverage to enjoy with your meal? While on Step One, serve our Wild Berry Drink Mix or Strawberry Banana Shake. After your meal, play an outdoors game with your family or friends; it's a great way to squeeze in some exercise after a meal, get in touch with nature, and socialize.

Chill Out with Soup

Cool down on a hot day, with a chilled soup. They make great addition to lunches and dinners on a hot day, when you're less likely to heat up your home by cooking. One of our favorites is Cream of Tomato Soup. If you're not a fan of tomatoes, try our Beef Vegetable Noodle Soup.

Make the Most of Herbs

Use flavor-enhancing herbs and spices on everything from soups and salads to seafood and meat dishes. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new flavors like Thyme, Rosemary or even Chinese 5 spice blend if you like it spicy.

Fire Up Your Grill

Enhance the flavor of food by grilling it for a change. It’s the perfect way to cook a wide variety of dishes this summer. Try something innovative like grilling shrimp and cherry tomatoes or tofu and Step One approved veggies like portabella mushrooms and red bell peppers to make kebabs.

Pair Up for Exercise

Studies have shown that working out with a family or friend will motivate you to stick to your fitness goals. Enjoy some company while you discover the great outdoors - riding your bike, playing tennis, rock climbing, running, and more. Even going to the gym with a friend can lend you more confidence and motivation to push yourself harder than normal.


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