Green Tea: What Are the Benefits?

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Green tea is something that I mention to most of our dieters. Not only for the energy help (which we could all use) but also because of the studies that have shown long term benefits of drink green tea! 

Green tea, of course, has caffeine.  I know every person is different with their views on caffeine but, I personally LOVE it! Now, the caffeine found in green tea is a heck of a lot more tolerable to the body that artificial caffeine found in a Rebull's or Monster Energy drink since it is only about 25mg-50mg of caffeine roughly per serve. There are different types of teas that may have more or less caffeine but, most will be more subtle than a cup of coffee! 

For More About Caffeine consumption with your Green Tea Read More Here: Should You Avoid Caffeine In Green Tea? | CoffeeScience. Great information listed in the article above about caffeine basics!

Some tips when drinking Green tea:

  • Don't drink caffeine past 4p-5p since this may disrupt your sleep and keep you up!
  • Try not to have green tea on an empty stomach since the caffeine could upset the belly (depends on the person)
  • Try Green tea iced OR hot! (I have a pitcher in my fridge of iced green tea always! Plus I can add my Water Drops to give each batch a new flavor!)
  • If you have any heart conditions, pulmonary issues or, breathing problems, make sure to have Decaf Green Tea! You will get all of the natural benefits but, it won't increase your heart rate! 

Read More About the Science Behind Green Tea: 10 Evidence-Based Benefits of Green Tea (


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