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Happy hello everyone! We are very excited to be launching our new ITG Health Trac app and I wanted to make sure everyone has access to the link! I have some information below along with the links to download the App for an iPhone and Android and the link for the website for laptops and desktop computers. 



How To Get Set Up

  1. You will receive an email from Health Trac at Vero Ortho ITG Diet. This email will have your username (This is your email address) and your temporary password (I assign this to you, and you are able to change the password). There is a link in the email that says, “You can click here to log in automatically and change your password the first time”. Click this link
  2. You will then be prompted to update and change your password. Feel free to use something simple and something you will remember!
  3. Once completed, you are registered and ready to start tracking your daily progress in your app!

Health Trac App Features


  1. Color My Day- This feature is a simple way to record how you feel about you overall health each day. When used consistently, we will be able to spot different eating trends to help correct unhealthy habits.
  2. Activity Tracker – This is where you can enter in your activities from your Fitbit or Apple Watch!
  3. My Journal – This is where you can enter ALL questions, issues, or just notes you want to make on your day. If you scroll down, you will see options to “Add Food” to your Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Morning Snacks, Afternoon Snacks, Evening Snacks, Exercise & Notes, this is where you will add your journal information so that I am able to view them.
  4. Set a Goal – Feel free to set goals for yourself here but, I will also be able to upload personalized goals to your app to customize the app per person!


  1. Add Food to Planner – This link allows you the options to Add Foods to your journal for each meal and snack. You are also able to add foods to “My Favorites” so that they are always there for you to select without having to search for the food item. The “Recommended” foods are meals that ITG have imported for mostly Step 3 Maintenance but, this is a great place to find yummy ideas for foods!
  2. Add Exercise – This is where you can add your exercise routine in. This is important so that I can see how many calories are being burned off each day. We want to keep your body balanced and make sure not to starve it at any point from having such a small number of calories.
  3. Create Favorite Foods – You can enter your “favorites” to this tab for easy access and daily entry of the same items every day!

Access the ITG Health Trac App DESKTOP VERISON HERE!

Access the ITG Health Trac App IPHONE VERSION HERE!

Access the ITG Health Trac App ANDROID VERSION HERE!

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