ITG Article - What's Your Resolution?

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What's Your Resolution?

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Ready to reach your goal weight in the new year? ITG is here to help you get there in 2022! Many of us have gained weight this past year due to Covid-19, being at home more often, and turning to unhealthy foods and drinks during bouts of stress eating. Have you made a resolution to be happier and healthier next year? Are you already on the ITG Diet Plan and need to make a resolution to help keep yourself on track to reaching your goals?

So you haven't started a diet plan just yet and are planning to start one in the coming weeks. We know there are many choices out there. In today's world of quick fixes, pills and shots, bad advice posted all over the internet, and crash diets to lose weight as quickly as possible, it may seem like a very tough choice. From my own personal experience, the ITG Diet Plan is the only one with coaches who will actually educate you on how foods are processed in your body and monitor your progress each week. It definitely was the only diet that really worked for me and allowed me to keep those extra pounds off!

Having been on the ITG Diet Plan myself, I learned the hard way that cheating with foods not on the program and with alcohol while trying to lose weight will never work. Never! And believe me, I tried many times to get away with cheating! Not only was I potentially losing my lean muscle tissue when I cheated and happened to drop a pound or two each week, but I was also never really entering ketosis and burning my stored body fat - the whole process of how ITG works! When I cheated, I kicked myself out of ketosis. If I cheated again in the 3-5 days after that, I kept myself out of ketosis. And so, the cycle of losing and gaining began for me. Many weeks my weight stagnated, or I began to yo-yo from week to week, month to month. The fat just stayed put and made the whole dieting process take way longer than it really needed to. I was just cheating myself.

I speak to people across the country every day who struggle with sticking to a plan. They have tried all sorts of methods to lose weight and keep it off. Most of them are either hard or completely impossible to stick to for life! The ITG Diet Plan is really quite easy to adhere to, but you absolutely must make a commitment to put a stop to the food/sugar addiction. And that is simply what it is: addiction! When I cheated with wine, I wanted more wine the next day. When I ate a cookie or some chips that a friend offered, I wanted more cookies and chips almost instantaneously. And so a vicious cycle of cravings and weight gain begins, slowly but surely.

One of my past New Year's Resolutions was to stick to the ITG Diet Plan, even though I knew very well how to do the diet. I had a rough time with following through, as I know many people do. Making that mental decision to decide that eating was for energy and survival rather than for pleasure seven days a week was a tough thing to break. When I made that decision, it suddenly became easy to stick to my original goal of losing weight and getting healthy.

I lost over 75 pounds on the ITG Diet and my entire life has completely changed; my life has returned to the way it was before I put those pounds on a few years back. I don't sit around at home anymore and I fill my evenings and weekends with activities that keep me on the go and moving. It was never fun to do that when I was huffing and puffing and running out of breath just walking up a staircase. I am able to eat fun foods when I plan ahead and eat healthy all week long, and I can have a reward day on the weekends without gaining any weight back! It's all about being prepared, sticking to a plan, and making a commitment. Losing weight will be the side effect by incorporating one or all of these things, not just a "diet." Set your resolution now and get ready for 2021!

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