ITG March - April Challenge *CHALLENEGE HAS ENDED*

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Welcome to our next ITG Challenge! This challenge is going to be all about PROGRESS! We want to hear and see your progress for this contest. This challenge will extend until the end of April so there's plenty of chances to win! Our prize for this next challenge is $50 TOWARDS ITG FOODS & SAMPLES! 

All submissions are for the ITG diet Coach and our dieters and will not be made public without your permission so, feel free to send me any photos comfortably!


Examples of Progress Submissions - Pictures and Testimonials

1. a before picture of yourself before you started the ITG Diet vs. now

2. a picture of you in clothing that used to fit you but is too big now

3. a testimonial about about what you have experienced with the diet

4. a picture of you on your scale at home with home much weight you've lost

5. or anything that symbolizes PROGRESS to you on your way to your weight lose and health goals

Progress Challenge Rules

  1. Your pictures or testimonials bust be sent to by Friday for our 2pm drawing for that week. If you submit after 2pm on Friday, you will be submitted for the following Friday’s drawing.
  2. You cannot submit the picture or testimonial twice!
  3. You can submit up to 2 times per week! That is a total of 16 chances to WIN!!!!
  4. Don't Be Shy. Be Proud of your Progress!



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