January 2021 Recipe Challenge *CHALLENGE HAS ENDED*

Posted by Brittney Casalina on

Happy hello everyone and welcome to our first ITG Challenge of the New Year! We are so happy to be here with you! 

Our January Challenge will focus on ITG Diet Recipes! You can create your own or use one of ours on the ITG Diet. Click HERE to view their recipes for inspiration.

Our challenge will be for the whole month of January and it will be all about ITG Diet recipes! You can use one of our recipes at ITGDiet.com or, come up with your own! You can submit your recipes and pictures and be entered to win our weekly drawing! The prize is 1 free box of ITG food, a special ITG surprise item AND free samples! The rules are:

  1. Your recipe AND picture must be submitted to bcasalina@veroortho.com by Friday for our 2pm drawing. If you submit after 2pm on Friday, you will be submitted for the following Friday’s drawing.
  2. You cannot submit the same recipe twice!
  3. You can submit up to 2 times per week! That is a total of 8 chances to WIN!!!!
  4. There must be an ITG Food item involved in the recipe. It can be the center piece or, complementary to a meal with lean meats and vegetables!

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