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Join Us!

Download Charity Miles in your Goggle Play store or in the Apple Store. Join our "Vero Orthopaedics ITG Diet Team" on the Charity Miles app and log your miles walking, jogging, biking, running, swimming or, whatever kind of exercise we are doing! Our Fitness Challenges will be going next month! 
To Join: Either Click HERE and take a picture on your phone with your camera of the QR code or, you can follow the three easy steps below.

Follow 3 Easy Steps To Join

1. Download the Charity Miles App (Apple Store or Google Play Store)
2. Once you have created an account, click the 4th icon at the bottom for "Teams"
3. Then, search for our Charity Miles Group called "Vero Orthopaedics ITG Diet Team" and Join! Then you can track all exercise so we can accumulate collective miles with our dieters! Once you have joined, follow the link HERE to show you how to use the features!

Charity Miles Info 

Get Fit and Make an Impact

Charity Miles lets you turn a neighborhood jog or weekend hike into a fundraiser for good. Just choose a charity and get moving. The app tracks your movement. For every mile you log, you help to earn money for your chosen charity.

Support World-Class Charities

Choose from over 40 charities that are making a big impact on health, children, animals, the environment, education, veterans and more.

Be The Change

When you move for charity, you are telling yourself a story about what’s important to you. Side effects may include empathy, mindfulness and gratitude.


Learn more about this app HERE!

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