Let's Reflect On "Quarantine"

Posted by Brittney Casalina on

Happy hello everyone!

I think there is SO MUCH NEGATIVITY out there right now that everyone could use a little positivity. With everyone being home more it has really effected people emotionally and mentally. I know it is very easy to get "depressed" or "down" with everything going BUT, let's try and change that together :)

Even though our way of life has drastically changed and we are all still adjusting, there is still so much to be appreciated. For instance, time. I have a HUGE appreciation for time now. With less work for me the last few weeks, I have been able to knock out a few household projects I have been wanting to get done (deep cleaning my oven, organizing my closet and going thorough my endless supply of shoes and even starting my garden)!

Many people are going back to old hobbies, crossing off "To-Do List" items, getting active, focusing on their mental health by meditating, doing yoga, going for walks or jogs, bike riding, reading a new books, painting and more! 

What have you been doing? Have you accomplished any tasks, To-Do List items, projects or goals? Have you started a better workout regime? Have you been volunteering places? Are you making any artwork?

Let's discuss!  :)

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