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 Happy Hello everyone! Something that does comes up quite frequently with dieting and healthy lifestyle changes is your GUT HEALTH! Sounds fun, right? Did you know that without balance in your gut you are more susceptible to disease, inconsistent bowel movements, inflammation and even how you absorb other foods, minerals and vitamins!

I attached some information below so that we can discuss your gut. I always leave the links to the public websites that I use for reference for our articles so feel free to browse them and learn more! 


What do YOU do to support your gut's health?


"Having good gut health can help protect you from everything from nutrient deficiencies and constipation to obesity, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, infections, heart disease, depression, anxiety, and cancer."  


The Importance Of Gut Flora

The bacteria in your gastrointestinal system affect your overall well-being. They play major roles in digestion and immunity with their capability to affect nutrient and mineral absorption, hormone regulation, vitamin production, immune responses, and the ability to eliminate toxins.

Outside of this, studies have shown that intestinal bacteria have the ability to influence mood and mental health. A great deal of attention is given to the digestive and immune support that bacterial flora provide, so people may not be aware of the further reaching benefits.A poor diet, digestive conditions and the overuse of antibiotics all contribute to an unhealthy balance of intestinal bacteria. When bad strains or pathogenic bacteria are allowed to thrive, the health of the body will begin to fade. Inefficient digestion can cause leaky gut syndrome which triggers inflammation through the body. Inflammation is the root of many serious health conditions.

Without the support of beneficial bacteria, the immune system responses are negatively impacted and the body begins to attack itself. So it should be clear just how the gut affects your health.

Why Gut Health Is Important

When you focus on healing your gut and restoring bacterial balance, your body is given the opportunity to regenerate. Immunity can increase and you will start to produce more of the beneficial bacteria which can continue to fight back the bad guys. The phenomenon known as leaky gut syndrome is the consequence of poor digestion and involves permeability of the intestinal wall.

Toxins and particles can pass through this wall and enter the bloodstream, gaining access to anywhere in the body. When this happens, the body attempts to track down these foreign bodies and destroy them even when they are located in healthy body organs.

Studies also show that gut bacteria are able to break down normally non-digestible components of food, such as dietary fiber, into molecules that the body can use for fuel. 

Fascinatingly, some species of gut bacteria are better at converting non-digestible food to fuel than others.  This means that, depending on the species of bacteria living in your intestines, you extract a different number of calories from the food you eat.



Contrary to the common-sense notion that what you eat determines what nutrients are available to your body, evidence now shows your gut determines how well you absorb nutrients from your food.

Much of this shift in understanding has come from studies looking at the gut microbiota.  Researchers now know that these bacteria play a fundamental role in determining which nutrients are available to your intestines and how well the available nutrients are then absorbed.

Multiple studies show that your gut health helps prevent nutrient deficiencies by:



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