Our 2021 Monthly Topic Schedule

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Happy hello everyone! I am very happy to show you all our upcoming topics for our monthly discussions! I believe it is very important to ALWAYS try to be learning as much as we can about diet, health, nutrition and general well being. I hope you all enjoy and stay tuned for our "Educational Videos" and articles in January 2021!
Our Topics:
 January’s Topic is all about how to grocery shop for fruits and         vegetables
               February’s Topic is SUGAR! We can never talk about this enough!
               March Topic is Metabolic Syndrome
               April’s Topic is Emotional Eating and Stress Eating
               May’s Topic is the importance of the ITG Vitamins
  June Coming Soon!
  July Coming Soon!
  August Coming Soon!
  September Coming Soon!
  October Coming Soon!
  November Coming Soon!
  December Coming Soon!

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  • Topics have my interest!

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