Stress Management Bullet Points

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All of us should probably figure out how to manage our stress a little better.  Even minor improvements lead to healthier and happier lives.  Stress is a major factor in how we fight or develop disease.  It’s important that we address it, so we’ve listened to what some people do to help deal with stress.

Here’s the short list:

  • Above all else, keep a positive attitude. 
  • Take the time to eat healthy, well-balanced meals.
  • Learn to accept there are some events that you cannot control.
  • Learn to be assertive instead of aggressive. Express your feelings, opinions, or beliefs instead of becoming passive, angry or defensive.
  • Practice relaxation techniques. We recommend meditation, yoga, tai-chi or calming exercises for stress management.
  • Exercise regularly. You can fight stress better when you’re  fit.
  • Manage your time more effectively.
  • Learn to set limits and say no to requests that would create excessive stress in your life.
  • Make time for what you like; hobbies, interests, and fun.
  • Be sure to get rest and sleep. You need time to recover from stressful events.
  • Try not to rely on alcohol, drugs, or unhealthy behaviors to reduce stress.
  • Reach out for social support. Spend time with people you enjoy.
  • Seek treatment with a  mental health professional who specializes in stress management.  They can teach you tricks to learn healthy ways to deal with stress in your life.



By the ITG Editorial Staff
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