Activities: Nature & Spirituality

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Enjoy these recommendations from our friend Lin at the Senior Living Center!



Ludwig, S. (2017). Spiritual health and active aging: A perspective. The Journal on Active Aging, September/October 2017

Write. Read. Converse. Listen.

YouTube: search "Spiritual music"

• Podcasts:

Coughlin, S. (May 29, 2018). Best spiritual podcasts to feel enlightened, self-aware. These podcasts will get you in touch with your spiritual side.

Top 15 spiritual podcasts you must follow in 2020.



Interactive bird song chart: AAA State of Play. 50 bird species and the sounds they make.

YouTube: (search outdoor scenes, nature, animals, oceans, etc. There are thousands and find those that match your customers or your interests.)

Relax24. (April 9, 2015). 12 hrs. Soft music-summer scenes-relaxing meditation study reading-snow melting! (YouTube: 12.17 hours)

Meditation Relax Music. (September 2017). Absolutely stunning nature! Relaxing Celtic music for stress relief. Calming music. Music therapy. (YouTube: 3.03 hours)

321 Relaxing Meditation Clips. (November 2014). Rain sounds and rainforest animals sound-Relaxing sleep. (YouTube: 2.18 hours)

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