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Staying on track when dieting can be tough since food is literally EVERYWHERE! On TV or in commercials, in magazines and most literature, most social events have to do with food and, of course, food is also all around the house. It's a focal point in life and should be treated like an important event. Each meals nourishes your body and everything we eat or drink is either going to get us one steep closer to our goals or, one step further away from it. Enjoy these simple tips below to help stay on track and try your best to think about these each day to reflect on how you are doing!

Focus on what you CAN eat, not what you CANNOT. This is an easy way to keep yourself positive and it wont cause any negative associations with the foods. If you continue to think about only things you SHOUDN'T eat, you are setting yourself up for failure. Try to think positive like, "yes, I can't have fruit right now but, I know I will once I have reached my goal", because, realistically, there is nothing but YOU stopping YOU from walking into your kitchen or the grocery store and buying and eating unhealthy food choices. Think more positively and be gentle to yourself!

Don't just focus on the number on the scale. At some  point, your Inbody scan will show a great example at some point but, until then, think about it this way. If you are losing body fat mass (lbs) and are gaining muscle mass (lbs), of course your weight can go up! Muscle weighs more than fat! Don't get comfortable with just using your scale and seeing the number, get comfortable with your eating and your exercise patterns. Consistency is the best tool when "training" your body!

Don't get cocky. This is such a great tip! I have heard this so many times it's hard to count. "I had a cheat but my weight didn't go up". Just because you get lucky with one deviation, doesn't mean you'll be lucky the next time. This thought process could be very damaging. Also, your body is always behind! It can take more than 24 hours to expel the extra sugars and carbs and, each time you deviate, it is a higher risk of throwing your body out of ketosis. So, be strict in Step 1 Weight Loss. This is the time to GET IN CONTROL!

Don't let your friends help you make bad food decisions. It is VERY easy to be persuaded to have deviations. Whether you are at a friends house, out of town on vacation or, just out at a restaurant for lunch with a friend, don't get persuaded to get off track! Do not feel the need to explain to your friend that you are not ordering a giant pasta dish or and greasy sandwich. Make the decision to help yourself. There are ALWAYS food options to have. Lean meats, vegetables, salads and more!

Document What and When you are eating! In Step One Weight Loss, your coach needs to know what you are eating in it's entirety. Small things can have big, negative impacts (sugar free gums and mints, premade tea's juices or, even drinking too much diet soda) on your diet. Ever details helps your coach figure out your body and help's them customize your Step 3 Maintenance Plan more accurately for you. I guarantee you cannot remember everything you ate for a whole week so please, do yourself a favor and get as much help as you can by writing down your foods in Step One!

Get the most out of your weekly appointments with your coach. Too many times we see dieters get lax with their appointments. Either skipping phone call or emails, not checking in and even not showing up for appointments. My only job as a coach is to ensure you have any and all help you may need with dieting while we have weekly appointments because, they will not be weekly after we Transition (Step Two) you off of our foods after you reach your goal. When we have a phone call schedule, be ready! Have your questions, your issues for the week or, anything you feel like you need to discuss or do better with. Texting and emailing we can do all day but still, ask any questions you may have! This is the learning part of the diet so, don't cheat yourself. Use our 30 minutes each week for YOU. For in person appointments and weigh ins, come prepared! Let's spend the in person appointments going over your journal thoroughly, reviewing your Inbody270 Scan together, let's talk about changes we can make, improvements we can make and how we can get you closer to your goal!

Eat appropriately. Something I hear from time to time is, "I'm not losing weight on the diet" or, "My body only let's me lose a certain amount and I stop after 10lbs". My one question I ask is, "are you eating appropriately". Are you having 3 meals and 1-2 snacks during the day, are you skipping meals, are you having enough portions sizes (4 cups of vegetables, 64oz of water and the lean meats plus ITG Foods and the ITG vitamins). If we are not doing things correctly, of course the weight can stall and stay in the same area, causing a plateau. You will not be perfect everyday but, our goal is to TRY each day to eat appropriately as often as possible. You will start to notice it gets easier the longer you do it!

Don't be afraid to fail on the diet. Having bad days can happen, especially during this pandemic so, it's understandable that you can sometimes be pushed off track from the diet. Every morning that you wake up, you have the opportunity to get back on track! If you are away or on a cruise or trip, do your best to maintain your weight and get back on track when you are home and in your normal regime again. Don't let food be the boss of you and, it's okay to fall of the horse, just wipe yourself off and get back on.

Lastly, use your coach and your resources! Ask questions when you have them, text me at (772) 569-2330 (mention ITG or Brittney). You can always learn new things from our preordering website! New recipes, tips, new ideas inspiration or, just to see if we have any new items! Ask questions, be curious and learn as much as you can about health since it will only help you with your goals and motivation level!

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