What do YOU want from Waldens?

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Hello Everyone! We are so very exciting to be FINALLY carrying their products! We have made a tentative order and I want to know what YOU all want us to carry.

Please comment below on the blog and tell me what items you would like us to add to our stock at Vero Orthopaedics. I have also listed the products that we currently carry! 

Even if we already have it in stock, still make sure to mention the product so we can KEEP it in stock going forward!

Have a health day everyone!




What We Currently Carry:

  • Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing Bottle
  • Honey Dijon Dressing Bottle
  • Italian Dressing Bottle
  • Ranch Dressing Bottle
  • Raspberry Vinaigrette Bottle
  • Thousand Island Dressing Bottle
  • Maple Bacon Syrup Bottle
  • Pancake Syrup Bottle
  • French Onion Dip
  • Ranch Dip
  • Honey BBQ Sauce Bottle
  • Original BBQ Sauce Bottle
  • Tomato Basil Marinara Sauce Bottle
  • Amazin' Mayo Bottle
  • WF Ketchup Sauce Bottle
  • Honey Dijon Dressing Packets
  • Italian Dressing Packets
  • Ketchup Packets


All Walden Farms Products Available:

*The picture is cut off at the bottom!*

The "Condiments" are Ketchup Bottle (I plan on ALWAYS keeping this product in stock) and their Cocktail Sauce.

The "Veggie & Chip Dips" that were cut off are Bacon Dip, Bleu Cheese Dip, French Onion Dip and, Ranch Dip


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