What Are "Net Carbs"?

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When following a keto diet many people track their “net carbs.” What are net carbs? It’s really simple. Net carbs are the amount of carbs minus fiber.

So when you use the net carbs that allows you a little more freedom while keeping you on the track you want to be for losing weight. Let’s say you aren’t sure if you want to count total carbs or net carbs. The first thing yo need to do is ask yourself what you are trying to achieve? How sensitive are you to carbs? If you are looking to follow a keto diet with low carbs to lose weight and get healthier, then net carbs is a fine path. If you are looking to avoid carbs altogether then you would go with total carbs.

What are Net Carbs?

net carbs formula, total carbs - fiber = net carbs


Total Carbs or Net Carbs How to calculate net carbs. Subtract Dietary Fiber and Sugar Alcohols (if any) from the Total Carbohydrate. *Total Carbohydrate minus Dietary Fiber, minus Sugar Alcohol (if any) = Net Carbs

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