Who's ready for CHEESE?!?!?

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Available on Tuesday February 18th!
After many many years of seeing a plethora of sad faces when telling your dieter that no, they cannot have cheese on the ITG Diet, we are extremely excited to announce that you will be getting a lot more smiles, beginning today!
ITG Cheesy Cheddar is here! 
With 15 grams of protein, 3 grams of fat and only 6 grams of carbs, your dieters will be giving you their cheesiest grin - especially when you let them know all the delicious variety they can get out of a single box!
Cheesy Cheddar is three foods in one: 
Creamy, cheesy dip for vegetables, Pretzel Twists, Spicy Nachos or your favorite snack food that goes great with cheese.
Savory cheddar sauce to pour over vegetables, proteins, or ITG Pasta for mac 'n cheese.
Satisfying and filling soup to make broccoli cheese soup, or add your own ingredients for limitless variety.
Give them 30 more reasons to show you their cheesiest grin!
For a limited time, in all orders we are including a packet of 30 Cheesy Cheddar recipes - 10 dips, 10 soups, and 10 sauces! Keep watch for a new ITG Blog to which you can direct your dieters, featuring the entire packet in a downloadable PDF format.
We have already heard from several dieters who helped taste-test the Cheesy Cheddar and they are loving the variety of three products in one, and the aged-cheddar taste. Having so many ways to enjoy it keeps them from feeling bored with their food!

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