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Valentine's Day Candy Recommendations!

Happy Valentine’s Day!  

Don’t spoil your diet over chocolates and candies!

You are sweet enough already!

Try these instead!

  • John’s Healthy Sweets

    • Hard Candies (3 + different flavored variety bags)

    • Lollipops (4 + different flavored variety bags)

    • Butterscotch Candies

    • Caramel

    • Taffy

  • Zollipops

    • Lollipops (Zollipops)

    • Taffy (Zaffi Taffy)

Enjoy! Be Sure to check out our ITG website for yummy Valentine’s Day recipes!










1 comment

  • Hey! Great suggestions. Can hardly wait for the cheese and the mud pie. Where can you purchase the candy, especially the Zolli pops? Thanks for everything. See you Friday.

    Marsha Boehm

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