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About Vero Orthopaedics 

At Vero Orthopaedics, our doctors are the experienced experts in providing exceptional orthopaedic and neurologic expertise and care to Vero Beach, Sebastian and the surrounding areas. Offering specialized, compassionate treatment for bone, joint, muscle, and neurological injuries and conditions, we are dedicated to getting you back to your active lifestyle, because you can! 
Since 1976, our Doctors and specialized staff have been the region's experts in orthopaedic, neurologic and rehabilitative care. With our commitment to serve the needs of each patient, we proudly offer both innovative and conservative treatments for compassionate, individualized care to members of our communities. 

Dedicated to helping you regain and maintain your healthy habits, weight loss goals, and active lifestyle, Vero Orthopaedics offers a comprehensive weight management program using the ITG Diet® Plan. Unlike other weight loss programs, diets, nutrition plans, and exercise programs, the ITG Diet is a real food, real nutrition diet made to help you easily lose pounds and provide education on keeping them off. As a medical weight loss program, the ITG Diet is also designed to help you manage or eliminate certain health conditions, such as high blood pressure.

We have been helping people live healthier lifestyles with better eating habits and physical activity since February 2018. As of December 2020, we have successfully helped dieters lose a total of over 4,200 pounds and over 1,300 Inches with our easy to follow, 3 Step Program. View some our of very own testimonies about the  HERE!


 Pamela Brower, A.R.N.P.

Pamela Brower is a nurse practitioner and is a board-certified adult-gerontology primary care nurse practitioner. She received her undergraduate at Kaplan University and graduated summa cum laude. Her master’s degree in nursing was also from Kaplan University with concentration in adult-gerontology. She has over 20 years of orthopaedic experience through the follow-up care of post-surgical patients after hip, knee, and back surgery at rehabilitation and skilled nursing facilities. She has also managed and treated patients with amputations, orthopaedic injuries, and functional decline in the home care setting.

"For me, being an adult-gerontology primary care nurse practitioner for over 20 years has shown me how much diet and nutrition go hand and hand with a patient's long term health and the development of medical conditions as people age. I work with our patients to ensure they are obtaining their best weight loss results by following the easy 3-Step program to lower medication dosages and, for some, get off medications completely. It truly is a rewarding experience to see so many patients living healthier lifestyles, achieving their goals each day, and able to stop taking certain prescriptions." - Pamela Brower, A.P.R.N 

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Learn About The ITG Diet & Meet Our ITG Provider, Pamela Brower, AGPCNP, BC

Weight Loss Before Surgery From Our Spine Specialist Dr. Craig Popp, M.D.

About The ITG Diet At Vero Orthopaedics

Since February 2018, The ITG Diet Program at Vero Orthopaedics has helped over 500+ Dieters Lose Over 4,300 lbs and, over 1,300 total inches!*

*As of December 2020

ITG Diet Plan Highlights At Vero Orthopaedics

  • Yes, you do eat real foods, such as veggies, salads, and whole proteins. Not just boxed foods!
  • One-on-one professional coaching and support will help you achieve the results you've always wanted. We take the time to walk you through each step of the weight loss process with education, nutritional information, tasty food, and a dedicated coach.
  • Easy 3-step plan
  • A Full Body Composition Scan Every 2 Weeks to track Skeletal Muscle Mass, Body Fat Mass, water retention and more!
  • Online access to our ITG Dieters Website and our ITG Weight Loss Blog!
  • Yummy variety of flavors and great tasting quality protein products to choose from
  • Gluten and soy free projects, and some Kosher products
  • Variety boxes; soups, pasta's, drinks, breakfasts, puddings/smoothies and bars all come in variety boxes for your convenience
  • 14-day starter kits. Everything you need for the first 14 days on the plan.
  • Discounts are offered to Veterans and Teacher

Our ITG Diet Collaborations

Inbody270 Body AnalysisBody Composition is a method of breaking down the body into its core components: fat, protein, minerals, and body water. It describes your weight more accurately and provides a better glimpse into your overall health than traditional methods. Body composition analysis can accurately show changes in fat mass, muscle mass, and body fat percentage.

InBody devices use direct segmental measurement bioelectrical impedance analysis (DSM-BIA) to precisely measure body composition by sending multiple electrical currents through the body, resulting in up to six different impedance readings for the trunk and each of the four limbs.

Heath Trac Mobile Food Tracking- This FREE Health Trac App is a fast and secure way to track your daily foods and drinks consumed to better stay on track with the program!

Walden Farms Condiment's & SaucesWalden Farms kitchens developed the world’s only comprehensive assortment of calorie free products in the first place - with zero calories, fat, net carbs, gluten or sugars of any kind! Their condiments, salad dressings and syrups are a tasty addition to the ITG Diet Plan. 

The Inner Diet - A Psychological Approach To DietingThe Questionnaire focuses on your attitudes, feelings, and thoughts about a variety of topics related to dieting, weight control, and emotional eating. There are no right or wrong answers, only a personal and honest assessment of your feelings and opinions. Your responses to the questionnaire will identify how you score on the six Inner Diet issues.

Survive & Thrive VitaminsSurvive & Thrive is an extension of Step 3 on the ITG Diet Program, which is dedicated to helping you maintain your healthy lifestyle.