Drink Option Help

I know after having days filled with 64 oz or more of water, that it can be difficult to keep that enthusiasm without much flavor. Please see below for recommendations for drink options that can be found at any with our ITG Foods, a grocery store, on Amazon or a health food store! Enjoy!

Water Enhancer Suggestions:

1. ITG Protein Shooters -  Don't let the name fool you. These 30z bottles are full of flavor! This is a quick and easy way to get more flavor with your water AND some additional protein for the day! It comes in two yummy flavors, Tropical Orange and Cranberry Grape!
2. Sweet Leaf Water Drops - These are conveniently at any grocery store in the water section or where the sports drinks are! You can also find a huge variety of flavors and Amazon.com! These are sweetened with Stevia and are allowed on our program! 
3. Sweet Leaf Drops - This is another GREAT product by Sweet Leaf. These drops can be used to sweeten teas, foods, coffee and more! Theses items can also be found at Vitamin Shoppe, Publix or Amazon!

Tea Suggestions

Tea's are VERY easy. You can use ANY tea as long as it is from a tea bag or you have verified in has zero sugars and no sugars listed in the "Ingredient's" section. I have a few brands below that I have tried and really like! Try to avoid tea's that are already made since these tend to have artificial sweeteners in them.
The brands that I personally enjoy: Yogi Tea , Alvita Organics Tea and Triple Leaf Tea 

 Sparkling Water Suggestions

1. Bubly - This brand does not contain artificial sweeteners so feel free to drink these!
2. La Croix - Any flavor is acceptable!
3. AHA Sparkling Water - Any flavor is acceptable. 

Soda Replacement Suggestions 

I understand that every once in a while, nothing sound smore refreshing than a soda! A dieter of ours found these drinks and I have been obsessed ever since! They are a sparkling water replacement that mimic soda! They have quite a few flavors and they are VERY close to real soda! They are sweetened with Stevia so you will not enjoy them if you don't tend to like the flavor of Stevia.
1. Zevia Drinks - They make a few different flavors but my favorites are the ginger ale, cream soda and the cola flavor!