Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Do You Offer The ITG Diet Plan?

At Vero Orthopaedics right next to the Health & Wellness Center. Our Address is 1155 35th Lane, Suite 100 Vero Beach, FL 32960

How Do I Get Started with The ITG Diet Plan at Vero Orthopaedics?

Go to and visit our ITG Diet Page (CAN BE FOUND UNDER THE "SERVICES" TAB AT VEROORTHO.COM) to “Request a Consultation”, where you can fill out our Consultation Form. Once this is completed, you will be contacted by the ITG Office Coordinator to go over your medical history and to schedule for your two- part consultation with Pamela Brower, A.P.R.N and the ITG Coach! REQUEST A CONSULT HERE!

Do I need to see a physician to start the program?

Yes, you will need to be medically approved by our ITG provider, Pamela Brower, A.P.R.N.  A coach will prescreen your information via phone call before scheduling you for your ITG Consultation with our provider and, if you do not qualify for the plan,  you may have to ask your primary care physician if you can participate in the plan.  Most people are in good health and will be able to participate.  

    What Does Insurance Cover the ITG Diet Program?

    Insurance does NOT cover the cost of the ITG Diet Foods but, we do process all visits with our ITG Physician, Pamela Brower, A.P.R.N, through to your insurance and it will be covered. The only fees you may have would be a Copayment or Coinsurance for a "specialty visit" which will vary depending on your insurance policy. You will see our ITG Physician at the start, middle and end of the ITG Diet Program depending on certain medical conditions.  

    *To calculate the exact co insurance or co payment that might be due for the visit, call us at (772)257-3609!*

    Is There a Cost to Join the ITG Diet Plan at Vero Orthopaedics??

    No, it is free to join our program; you only pay for your food and supplements!  No monthly or annual fees! Coaching is also complimentary to all our dieters! There is a one time $25 Consultation fee with the ITG Diet Coach. 

    *Note: We do process your office visits with our ITG Physician to your Insurance so there may be a co payment of co insurance*

    What is the cost of the ITG Diet Plan?

    The average cost per meal on the ITG Diet is $3.50 – $4.00 per meal which is under $12 per day for the food since you consume a minimum of 3 ITG Foods per day! 

    **Ask about our Veteran Discounts and Dieter Referral Discounts**

    Can I quit the diet anytime?

    If you decide not to participate, even though we call it a membership, there are no membership fees or cancellation fees.  However, our goal is to help you be successful on the program to help you meet your goals.  If you decide to discontinue the program please contact your coach to help you go through the proper steps.

    What do I get when joining the ITG Diet Plan?

    • Personal review of your Health Intake Form
    • A personal explanation of the plan
    • Measurements, photo and goal setting
    • Weekly weigh-ins and follow-up
    • Weekly analysis of your weekly food diary
    • Weekly coaching and support
    • Bi-weekly full body analysis scans with our InBody270 Body Composition Scale (Breaks down Percent of Body Fat, Muscle Mass, weakness in bones and more!) 
    • Guidance from our Certified ITG Diet Coach and our ITG Diet Physician, Pamela Brower, AGPCNP, BC, through each step of the plan
    • A positive attitude to succeed!
    • Access to our ITG website for resources, support and tips for all steps of the program!
    • NEW ITG APP (Health Trac App) to ensure every dieter has remote coaching safely from their own home!
    • Online Appointments and Telehealth visits available!
    • Online resources & support at our Vero Ortho ITG Diet Website:
    • Drop ship options that bring your food straight to your front door – contact free & free shipping!

      Is losing weight on the ITG Diet safe?

      Yes, it is a safe diet. Before starting the diet you must fill out a Health Status Intake form for your coach to review.   We also have a document, Contraindications to the Plan, that is listed in the bottom of the FAQ's that lists contraindications to make sure the plan is right for you.  However, as with any major change in your diet we recommend you consult with your physician before starting any diet or weight loss program.

      Can I purchase ITG Foods without joining the ITG Diet Program?

      Yes, anyone who just wants to purchase ITG products, can! At Vero Orthopaedics, we are electronically set up to have complete Remote Dieters.  In order to purchase foods, you will first have to email us at for your general information and to sign you up for our Online ITG Store and our Resource Pages. The ITG Office Coordinator will get back to you and get you set up. You can do remote coaching via email and phone calls or, you can simply check in when you have questions, need help or need to order food.


        Want more information about the science of the ITG Diet Plan?

        Check out The ITG Diet Corporate Website. Their Main ITG office is located in St. Petersburg, FL as Slim Down St. Pete and has been helping people live healthier lifestyles for over 11 YEARS! See more HERE!