Grocery Store Help

Grocery shopping can be pretty difficult in Step 1 (weight loss) of our diet but, it doesn't have to be scary. Below we have compiled lists of grocery store foods that you can use on all three steps of our program! Please be sure to take your time and stay within your steps (weight loss, transitioning & maintenance) and don't get too ahead of yourself!

Step One (weight loss) is for dieter who are in "weight loss mode". This list includes wraps, condiments and more that you can purchase at the grocery store or online! 

Step 2 (transitioning) is for dieters who are "transitioning" off of the ITG Diet Foods. this includes the Transitioning foods groups and what types we try to stick to during this step. 

Lastly, Step 3 (maintenance / success for life) are back on all real foods from the grocery store and, since you are no longer in "weight loss mode", can have food groups that were taken out of step one (weight loss).