ITG New Patient Welcome Page

Happy hello and welcome to the ITG Diet Program at Vero Orthopaedics & Vero Neurology! This page will help ease your way into our program and help answer some common beginning questions! At any time, you can contact our Certified ITG Coach for questions, assistance or concerns you may have. We are always here and happy to help! Let’s get started and, make sure to hang on to this email for easy reference throughout your duration on the program! You will also be receiving two emails to get started with our ITG Health Trac App and the Preordering Website! See below to view our ITG protocols for the office and helpful information when getting started with our diet. 

Your Coach’s Contact Information:

Name:  Brittney Casalina 

Phone Number: (772)257-3609 or (772)569-2330 EXT. 125 (Available Mon-Fri 8am-5pm)

Email: or (Available Anytime)

 **Please Email primarily since I can respond faster. Phone calls can take up to 48 hours to respond to**


Vero Orthopaedics ITG Diet Policies

Weekly Visits / Phone Calls: Each week you will come to our office for your one on one with your coach then, you will rotate coming in to the office and having a phone call each week to allow 14 days between all visits. Your coach will weigh and measure you, review your weekly food diary, fill your food orders, and answer any questions you may have.

  • For each appointment, bring your food diary, your reusable ITG bag and, either pre order your food before your appointment or, have a list ready for your appointment.
  • For each In-Person visit with your coach (Bi-Weekly), do NOT wear any jewelry or, have jewelry that can be removed quickly and make sure to wear light clothing as well as easily removeable shoes for your InBody270 Body Analysis Test

Cancellation / Rescheduling:  Each weekly appointment is scheduled for 30 minutes, if for any reason you need to cancel or reschedule, please email Brittney directly at Also, as a courtesy to all other ITG patients and your coach, please be on time for all appointments. 

  • If you are 15 minutes or more late for your appointment, you may have to be rescheduled for a later date

Weekly or Bi Weekly Food Ordering: You can place you order at your scheduled weekly appointment with the coach or, you can Pre Order your food at so that the coach can fill your order prior to your appointment. If you do not have an appointment scheduled, place your order at OR email me your order and what day and time you would like to pick it up! It will be left at the ITG Pick Up Area in our office

  • If you are not feeling well or, need to purchase food but cannot make it to our office to pick it up, we can complete a Drop Ship Order that is FREE SHIPPING with a minimum of $175 for the total order. This will be sent from ITG in St. Pete, FL directly to your doorstep free of charge and contact free.

Non ITG Food Items: While on Step 1 of the ITG Diet you will use three to five ITG Protein foods per day for breakfast, lunch, and your snack. When you consume nonapproved ITG foods while on our diet (such as fruit, potato chips, bread, Atkins bars, GNC Shakes, etc.,) it will prevent you from staying in ketosis and it could potentially set your progress back!

  • Do not cheat - even a piece of bread or candy can sabotage your weight loss by taking you out of ketosis causing elevated hunger, loss of energy, stronger cravings, and slower weight loss progression!

ITG Diet Required Vitamins: The ITG Diet Program has three supplements; a Multivitamin, a Calcium / Magnesium capsule, and an Omega -3 6 9 Fish Oil, that are used for the duration of your time with the ITG Diet. They are required. These three supplements are to be taken twice a day with meals to help your body better absorb vitamins and minerals better, prevent nutrient deficiencies, help keep your body regular with bowel movements and, to prevent muscle spasm’s and leg cramps.

  • If you are already taking Vitamins, do NOT double dose. Ask the coach about your current vitamins!



    Getting Started Help

    Once you are home with your 14 Day Starter Kit be sure to read through ALL materials in your ITG folder. This folder is packed full of helpful information, tips for success and explains how you break up your ITG foods for the next 14 days! We go over everything on the Right-Hand side of the folder during your ITG consultation but, everything on the Left-hand side is your “homework”! You will receive a “Welcome” email that will have links to helpful resources on our ITG website! Use the references below to help get started!

    • Refer to your “Food Groups” Page for a list of approved and non-approved grocery store foods.
    • Refer to the “3 Step Weight Loss Plan” for a break down of what to eat on a day to day basis
    • Refer to the “ITG 14-Day Starter Kit Food Guide” for a breakdown of how you can use your ITG Protein foods from your kit for the first 14 Days on the plan! This guide is to help you, you do not have to follow it if you do not wish!
    • Refer to the “ITG Protein Daily List” that specify what ITG Protein Foods are “LIMITED”. LIMITED MEANS YOU CAN ONLY HAVE 1 PER DAY

    Helpful Tips When Starting

    Once you have ready through all your ITG documents, be sure to remember the tips below when starting the program! These tips will help make your day to day, easier to understand

    • First things first, if you are hungry at any point on this diet, EAT! This diet is designed for you to eat every 2-3 hours so be sure to NOT go long periods without eating!
    • There is a packet in your 14 Day Stater Kit named “Proticcino”, this is your Cappuccino Drink Mix in your starter kit
    • You can have 3-5 ITG Protein Foods per day (Only 1 LIMITED Item Per Day)
    • Be sure to write everything in your ITG Journal! This not only helps you keep track of everything on a day to day basis but, it is a GREAT check list for your coach to go through to better assist you
    • Take your ITG Vitamin Packs twice a day (3 pills, twice a day WITH FOOD) You can purchase your vitamins in three individual bottles (Multivitamin, Omega 369 and, the Calcium and Magnesium) for %50 or, you can repurchase the Vita Pak for $55 for a Month
    • While on this program you must be very careful. Most gums and mints have sugar, even if they are labeled as “sugar-free”. Please use Spry Mints, Spry Gum, Epic Gum, or any gum or mint that uses Xylitol or Stevia as the ONLY sweetener.
    • Drink at least 4 bottles of water a day (64oz) and, for every cup of tea or coffee, an extra 8 oz of water must be consumed
    • Limit yourself to 1 diet soda a day or, try Zevia Sparkling Waters! *Look at your “Welcome” email for a link to view our other drink options besides water while on the diet! *
    • Refer to your “Welcome” email for easy help and resources on our ITG website!!


    What Tools We Use with The ITG Diet Program

    You will receive two additional activation emails; one will be from our Shopify Preordering Website and the other with be from our Health Trac App. Both emails will have you create a password. We recommend making both passwords the same since it will be easier to remember for the duration of the program.

    1. The Health Trac App: Vero Ortho ITG Diet App
    • Please use your Journal that is provided for you in your 14 Day Starter Kit to write down all foods. Once you are adjusted to our program and, have been on the diet for a few weeks, we can get you set up with the Mobile App
    • You will receive a second email to activate your account with Health Trac. Health Trac is our Mobile app for tracking all food and daily meals on either your smart phone, tablet, OR your desktop computer!
    • To View Video Tutorials on how to use our Preordering website and how to locate all our features, view our “Video’s” tab at the top of the page and select “Health Trac App Tutorials”. We have tutorials for Android Phones, iPhone AND the computer version as well.
    • To get started with our App, Download Health Trac on your device and “Activate” your account via your email

    1. The Preordering Website and Dieter Resource Website:
      • Absolutely NO PAYMENT information (credit / debit cards) goes through our Preordering website. All payments are made either in our office or with your card on file at Vero Orthopaedics
      • Just type “” into any web browser and it will bring you to our ITG Diet website. The Preordering website is full of great information, recipes, encouragement, resources, helpful tips and more! You have access to all website resources immediately but, you will not be able to “Place an ITG Order” until you “Activate” your Account so be sure to check your email to get set up!
      • To View Video Tutorials on how to use our Preordering website and how to locate all our features, view our “Video’s” tab at the top of the page and select “Shopify Website Tutorials”.



      How To Get Started With Health Trac App

      You will receive a welcome email to set up your account information like the picture below. Your username for the Health Trac App will be your email address given to us at Vero Orthopaedics. In the email there is a link to “change your password the first time”. Click this link and create your password!

      Once completed, you can watch the videos at: to learn how to use the ITG App! We will go over and get you started with the App when you come back after your first two weeks on the program!

      The Health Trac App needs to be downloaded to your smart phone or tablet! The links for downloading the App are below:

      1. iPhone:
      2. Android:
      3. Online Website (No App Download Required & For Laptops or Computers):

      Here is an example of what the Welcome Email looks like below!

      Features of the ITG Health Trac App


      • Color My Day- This feature is a simple way to record how you feel about you overall health each day. When used consistently, we will be able to spot different eating trends to help correct unhealthy habits.


      • Add Food to Planner – This link allows you the options to Add Foods to your journal for each meal and snack. You are also able to add foods to “My Favorites” so that they are always there for you to select without having to search for the food item. The “Recommended” foods are meals that ITG have imported for mostly Step 3 Maintenance but, this is a great place to find yummy ideas for foods! “All Foods” is for all grocery store items and non ITG items!
      • Add Exercise – This is where you can add your exercise routine in. This is important so that I can see how many calories are being burned off each day. We want to keep your body balanced and make sure not to starve it at any point from having such a small number of calories.
      • Create Favorite Foods – You can enter your “favorites” to this tab for easy access and daily entry of the same items every day!

        REMINDER: Do NOT add more calories to your day if your exercise routine for the day give you more calories to eat. Remember to follow the ITG Diet Plan to make sure you stay between 950 calories – 1200 calories per day!


        How To Get Started With Our Preordering Website

        You will receive a welcome email to set up your account information like the picture below. Your username for the Preordering Website will be your email address given to us at Vero Orthopaedics. In the email there is a link to “Activate your Account”. Click this link and create your password! Once completed, you can watch the videos at: to learn how to use the Preordering website, it’s features and how to order your ITG foods! We will go over and get you started with the Preordering Website when you come back after your first two weeks on the program!

        You will receive an email like the one below!


        You can find our ITG Preordering Website on our ITG Diet Page on or you can go to ANY web browser (Google, Internet Explorer, Safari) and type in the search bar: and it will take you to our site!

        Or you can use the link :


        Preordering Website Features:

        Our Welcome and ITG Diet Plan Tab – Information about the basics of our program for newcomers

        Shop This is where you find all our ITG products that are in stock and available at Vero Orthopaedics at that time.

         ** Please note: The weekly order will need to be ordered on our website before your upcoming appointment to ensure the coach can have it ready for your appointment. **

        ITG Blogs – This tab will be dedicated to our blogs that are there to help patients on all steps of the plan. I will be posting upcoming events, new products, festive recipes, ITG News posts, helpful videos, discussions and more!

        Exercise – This tab is for the Body Basics exercises that are great for toning certain areas of the body and some exercise instructions. There are also resources For Dr. Dawn’s toning exercises!

        Articles Tab & Videos Tab- I will be adding new articles every month that are beneficial for a healthy lifestyle and for expanding patient’s knowledge of food, health, vitamins and more! You can view our Health Trac App Tutorials and our Shopify Website Tutorials here! We also have our Educational Videos and Interviews in this tab!

        Helpful Supplements – This section will have all my favorite recommendations for certain vitamins that promote healthy living or help along with weight loss.

        Dieter Resources: - This section will always be updated with our newest helpful ITG resources! Be sure to check back here for additional Support for the ITG Diet!


        Bi-Weekly In Person Visits

        Due to Covid-19, we are taking many precautions to keep our dieters, patient's and staff safe. We currently will have our dieters rotate their weeks when they come in. Week one will be an in person visit then, the following week will be a phone call or an email. We will continue this until all Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.

        For In Person Appointment's & InBody Testing

        • Please Check In like any appointment at Vero Orthopaedics, at the Main Front Desk
        • Please bring your food journal each week (Unless You Are Using the Health Trac App, I can pull your journal up online to review)
        • Please bring any new medication or, medication changes so we can update our records
        • For the Inbody270 Test
          • Please be sure NOT to eat 30 minutes before your Inbody Test
          • Do not wear a watch, jewelry or glasses with the Test
          • Wear easily removeable shoes such as flip flops or sandals since you need to be barefoot for the Inbody270 Test
          • Wear thin clothing with no layers to each Test
        • Please Pre Order your food on this website before your appointment with the ITG Coach or have your list ready for your foods BEFORE your appointment

        For Phone Calls & Email Appointments

        • Please be ready for your phone call appointment promptly, the coach will call you to talk about your week and any changes that need to be made
        • Please have your journal ready to discuss and any questions you may have
        • If the phone call is missed, I will leave a voicemail and follow up with an email to check in. You can call me back to talk as long as it is with in your 30 minute appointment time. 


        Any ITG Rescheduling

        Please Email me at to reschedule or cancel any ITG related appointment's. Like all appointments at Vero Orthopaedics, if you are more than 15 minutes late, your appointment might need to be rescheduled.

        If you are running behind for your appointment, please call me directly at (772) 257-3609. Depending on the ITG schedule, we might be able to simply reschedule you for later in the day or for a different day!


        ITG Pick Up Orders

        If you are picking up ITG food on a day that you do NOT have an ITG appointment scheduled, you can pick up ALL ITG FOOD ORDERS at the Main Front Desk! My office is over by Physical Therapy but, Physical Therapy does not keep any ITG food or ITG appointments there. The ladies at the Main Front Desk will be able to direct you!



        Thank you & Have a healthy day!

        -The ITG Staff at Vero Orthopaedics