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Our ITG Partners

Our Partners With The ITG Diet Plan 
At Vero Orthopaedics & Vero Neurology, we strive to bring together all aspects of health and fitness! With our featured partners below, we are committed to helping health-conscious people achieve their health and wellness goals with education, tools, and products for weight control and weight-related chronic diseases!
We are proud to offer a full body composition analysis with our Inbody270 every 2 weeks to track your progress when you join our ITG Diet Plan!
We are proud to be offering Walden Farm products through our ITG Diet program, which include sugar and calorie free condiments, syrups, and salad dressings to compliment your favorite ITG Foods and vegetables!
When joining our program you also gain access to our Health Trac App for all food tracking, meal planning and exercise, water and weight loss tracking needs! 
The Inner Diet is a self-help, home-study program that addresses emotional eating and is comprised of the following 4 components:
  • The Questionnaire: is a statistically valid and reliable assessment of eating habits. This means that it has undergone scientific tests that support its findings and its creation was the topic of a Doctoral Dissertation.
  • The Personal Profile: Depending on how you answer the questionnaire, you receive different information in your profile. Your profile results are truly a reflection of your specific personality. Each personalized profile varies in length from between 6 to 15 pages depending on how you answer the questions!
  • The Activity Book: The 32 page Inner Diet Activity Book was designed to provide you with the awareness, understanding and direction that you need to make better decisions about the food you eat and the health choices that you make.
  • The Inner Diet Audio Support Center provides 1 hour and 46 minutes of audio support that both explains and walks you through the entire program step by step in order to help you get the most out of your Inner Diet program.