Pediatrics Plan

Coming Soon in 2021!


We are proud to now offer a Pediatric Weight Management Plan.  This program was a joint effort with Nicole Bruno, D.O., Island  Coast Pediatrics, John DeCosmo, D.O. ITG Diet Medical Director and Laurel Beatty, President ITG Diet.

The concern for the prevalence of youth obesity stems from the health risks associated with this disease. Youth obesity is associated with increased co-morbidities such as Diabetes and Cardiovascular disease. Scientific evidence supports the effectiveness of weight management in children and adolescents who are overweight or obese. Dietary interventions have been shown to be an integral part of a comprehensive weight management program. A comprehensive weight management program for youth should include nutrition guidelines, behavior therapy, physical activity and pharmacotherapy, if applicable and necessary. This manual will provide further guidelines for the nutritional intervention needed for successful pediatric and adolescent weight management programming. The behavior starts in the home with the parents and family members whom must be on board to change their lifestyle and eating habits. 


The Cycle of Childhood Obesity