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Welcome to the ITG Diet Program and to our ITG Diet patient resource website! The website has features such as regularly updated health articles, tips for success on all steps of the program, yummy recipes, upcoming new items and events, weekly discussions and all ITG food ordering!

**Please Note: absolutely NO PAYMENT information (credit / debit cards) goes through our website. All payments are made either in our office or with your card on file at our practice**

To access the website, simply enter into any web browser and log in to your account with your email address and password you created.

Activating Your Account

  1. First, you will receive an email with a link that says “Activate Account” for Shopify from Vero Orthopaedics.
  2. Click the link and it will bring you to a separate page where you can set up a password. *(Feel free to create your own password but, make sure you write it down) *

Website Features

Our Welcome and ITG Diet Plan Tab – Information about the basics of our program for newcomers

Shop– This is where you find all our ITG products that are in stock and available at Vero Orthopaedics at that time. ** Please note: The weekly order will need to be ordered on our website before your upcoming appointment to ensure the coach can have it ready for your appointment. **

ITG Blogs – This tab will be dedicated to our blogs that are there to help patients on all steps of the plan. I will be posting upcoming events, new products, festive recipes, ITG News posts, helpful videos, discussions and more! Health Articles and Brittney’s Journal are listed in this Tab

Exercise – This tab is for the Body Basics exercises that are great for toning certain areas of the body and some exercise instructions. There are also resources For Dr. Dawn’s toning exercises!

Videos & Tutorials Tab- I will be adding new articles every month that are beneficial for a healthy lifestyle and for expanding patient’s knowledge of food, health, vitamins and more! You can view our Health Trac App Tutorials and our Shopify Website Tutorials here! We also have our Educational Videos and Interviews in this tab!

Helpful Supplements – This section will have all my favorite recommendations for certain vitamins that promote healthy living or help along with weight loss.

Survive & Thrive – This section is dedicated to Step 3 Success For Life and how to live a healthy lifestyle

Website Ordering Help

Drop Ship Orders- These orders can get shipped directly to your front door, contact free! There is no shipping if your total order is over $175!

Pick Up Orders- Please try to pre order all ITG foods 24 hours before you scheduled ITG appointment. If you need to order ITG Food and you do not have an appointment scheduled, simply indicate in the box when you check out what day and time you would like to pick the order up.