Step 2- Overview

 Step Two Overview                            


Congratulations, you have now met your goal weight.  Each week you will now be adding more whole foods back into your diet and different food groups each week.  This is a transition step for you to get to your Step 3.  This Step is for four weeks and your food groups are listed below.



Week #1 - This is adding a whole lean protein back for your lunch (1 Week)  

Week #2 - This is adding a fruit back into your meal plan (1 Week)                

Week #3 - This is adding a dairy / fat back into your meal plan  (1 Week)

    Week #4 -  This is adding a whole grain / starch back into your meal plan  

    • 2 ITG Products per day (may vary with your protein needs for your body type).
    • Along with your 2 ITG Products per day you will also be having a minimum of 2 cups of vegetables with your lunch and dinner. With the addition of 5-8 oz of whole lean protein with your dinner and lunch meal.
    • Continue to use only one of the ITG Limited products (higher in carb ITG products) per day. Your coach will explain what products these include and give you the required documents.
    • All Limited products have this icon on your documents
    • Make sure that you have read all of the Step Two documents:
      • Your Step Two - Week #1
      • Food Groups for Step Two
      • ITG Protein Limited Daily List
      • What Not to Eat
      • Review Frequently Asked Questions
    • Step Two will be for four weeks. Each week you are adding a food group back into your diet
    • You may still continue to lose a few pounds on Step Two. Consult your coach if you do not stabilize your weight when in this step
    • Continue to fill out My Daily Diary
    • Continue with your weekly appointments with your coach. Hint is to do this the same day of the week and at the same time 
    • Your coach is your lifeline to success