ITG: What motivated you to want to lose weight in the first place?

FBS of 124 A1C of 5.2 in July of 2018 with Family history of Diabetes


 ITG: What made you decide on the ITG Diet Plan?

Medical supervision, mostly using real foods, not powers for all meals, weekly support, the knowledge of the front line person, Britttany Casalina


ITG: How much weight did you lose overall?

44 lbs


 ITG: Did you have any medical issues or medications prior to starting the diet, and if so, has your weight loss impacted those issues or medications?

My FBS dropped to 90 in July 2019, A1C dropped to 4.7  I was not on medications for sugar but I was on the road.

Also, my BP now is lower 118-124/64-74. In 2018 I occ had BP 136-140/80-84


 ITG: What did you find was easiest about the ITG Diet Plan in Steps 1 & 2?

Breakfast and drinking water


 ITG: What have been some of your challenges on the program in Steps 1 & 2?

coffee (no milk but changing to almond milk.  Learning to cook healthier.


 ITG: Did you have any challenges or weight gain in Step 3? If so, how do you get back to your goal weight?

Occ a lb or 2.  But then spent next few days “on strict program”.  Challenge is joining friends at frequent eating out events.


 ITG: What advice would you give others who are thinking about starting the ITG Diet Plan?

Get rid of all the bad, unhealthy foods in your kitchen.  Tell friends to support you. Drink water. Talk with Brittany, for support.  She had wonderful suggestions and recipes.



 ITG: What would you tell someone who says they aren’t sure they can afford the diet?

Save money on going out to dinner.  Its about choices, budget your expenses, Do it for 2 months and see if the benefits are worth it. Budget in the cost of a new wardrobe at the end of transition into maintenance.  But your increased energy will help you through decisions.


ITG: What are some of your favorite tips to help you maintain your goal weight in Step 3?

Change up your meals, walk after or before dinner, stay active, log foods, weigh yourself every 3 days, especially on Fridays and Mondays, share a desert with others at dinner- but only once a month! Have that special dish- pasta, but only once a month or every 2 months. 


 ITG: How long have you been in Step 3? Have you had to do a Step 1 tune-up while in Step 3?

2-3 months.  I try to stay on program every day.


 ITG: What does your reward day look like in Step 3?

Smaller size Clothes .  Liking the way you look in photos with friends!


 ITG: Do you reward yourself more than one day per week?

Yes, now rewarding myself is getting in an hour at the GYM, swimming 3 X a week and TaiChi once a week!


ITG: How often do you eat at restaurants in Step 3, and how do you order your food when dining out?

Sometimes it has been 3X a week which makes me nervous.  I order fish often with double vegetables, never any potato or rice. Always a salad with oil & vinegar.  My friends now ask me to look at menu prior to choosing the restaurant.


 ITG: Do you look at nutritional labels when shopping? If so, what items on the label are you looking at?

Yes, CHO sugars and fats; also I look for fiber.  I could  and should do more of this.


 ITG: Have your new eating habits affected healthy changes with other members of your household?

I am single but my friends model me often in choices.


 ITG: Has your opinion of your self-worth changed? Not superficially, but do you feel like you are stronger minded, more resilient, self-compassionate or more proactive with your well-being? If so, explain.

I like how I look in photos.  I think healthy choices when food shopping.


ITG: Are you satisfied overall with the ITG Diet Program?

Yes, I continue to call in for support on scheduled appointment and have a one-to-one yearly visit planned Nov 15th.


ITG: Would you recommend the ITG Diet Program to friends and family?

Yes.  I have.  But the friend thought it was not within her budget and went on a Quick-wt loss diet.  She has hardly lost any weight 4 months later. 


 ITG: Add any extra item you’d like to tell us about with any aspect of the ITG Diet Plan.

The soups, chocolate bars, hot chocolate , snacks, and cereal were all very good and  “got me through the hard times”.  It is impossible to find good substitutes. 

The results on the scale and in mobility take the place of pleasure from foods.

A person has to see early results, then these food products help. Brittany Casalina is an excellent “COACH”, very positive, not judgmental, available and knowledgable!