The Inner Diet Questionaire

The Inner Diet Questionaire

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ITG is proud to offer The Inner Diet Program by Dr. John Sklare, Ed. D.

Are you struggling with emotional eating? Do you have trouble staying committed to a plan? Do you tend to stress eat? The Inner Diet is a self-help, home-study program that addresses several areas of emotional eating and is comprised of the following four components:

  1.  The Questionnaire focuses on your attitudes, feelings, and thoughts about a variety of topics related to dieting, weight control, and emotional eating. There are no right or wrong answers, only a personal and honest assessment of your feelings and opinions. Your responses to the questionnaire will identify how you score on the six Inner Diet issues.
  2.  The Personal Profile is what makes this program so unique and meaningful. Depending on how you answer the questionnaire, you will receive a personalized profile which contains an explanation of each of the six issues, your score on each of those issues, and what those specific scores mean for you.
  3.  The Inner Diet Activity Book was designed to provide you with the awareness, understanding, and direction that you need to make better decisions about the food you eat and the choices that you make. It will make you a more mindful eater by focusing your attention on those underlying thoughts and beliefs that trigger, motivate, or sustain emotional eating. Each section of the activity book helps you understand and address those issues.
  4.  The Inner Diet Audio Support Center provides 1 hour and 46 minutes of audio support that both explain as well as walk you through the entire program step by step in order to help you get the most out of your Inner Diet Program.
The Inner Diet
    • Used by professionals since 1985 
    • Based on real science: the 40-item questionnaire was the subject of a Doctoral Dissertation 
    • Provides and “emotional X-ray” of sorts, identifying emotional eating triggers
    • Creates a comprehensive approach to weight loss
    • The Inner Diet gives you a program that addresses your emotional eating while the ITG Diet Plan addresses the nutritional needs of your body
    • You Can’t Change Your Weight…Until You Change Your Mind!®

     To Get Started

    1. Add the Inner Diet to your cart
    2. Your Coach will provide you with an Inner Diet Access Code when you come in for your next visit and instructions to access and complete the Questionnaire, read your Personal Profile, complete your Activity Book, and visit the Inner Diet Audio Support Center
    3. Take the quiz and the Coach will review your results